3D camera resolution tests

I’ve done a comparative test on a DSC chart shooting resolution trumpets for 2 twin lens 3D cameras





The two cameras are a Panasonic 3DA1 and a Sony NX3D1









(click to enlarge)












It’s easy to see that the Panasonic 3DA1 (list $21,000) holds resolution to a much greater degree (over 800 lines) vs the Sony NX3D1 (list $3,000) which appears to break down around 640 lines.  It is a bit like comparing apples to oranges in that the list prices are radically different, however, what I was most interested in seeing is the differences in resolution (if any) between the MVC recording of  Left vs Right on the Sony.  Since the Right eye is a Delta frame recorded using only the differences between the full resolution (1080 x 1920) Left eye, I was curious as to whether there would be a loss of resolution as a result.  It appears from these chart photos that there is not any noticeable difference, which I was pleased to see.




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