Updated: James Cameron on glasses-free 3D

Update:  October 24, 2013

I went to the SMPTE show in Hollywood last week and saw this Dolby 3D display for the first time.  In a word it was breathtaking.  Various 3D clips from Avatar and other films were screening on a large (I would guess 60″) screen in glasses-free 4K.  The field of view was quite wide, I could step 6 feet to either side of picture center and still see perfect 3D displayed.

All in all I must say that I think if there is a breath of a chance for broadcast 3D to be resurrected – following the wholesale diaspora of 3D content and distribution channels this past year, this Dolby glasses-free 3D system is the best hope.  The Dolby reps indicated that they are in serious discussions with all major panel manufacturers to get this technology out to the mainstream as soon as possible.  That could be by 2015 if everything goes well.  I’m putting off any 3D set purchases pending more news on this front.


Las Vegas, April 9, 2013: Dolby Laboratories, Inc. and Royal Philips Electronics in association with CAMERON | PACE Group (CPG) announced that they have signed an agreement to integrate the Dolby® 3D format into CPG’s 3D video content production workflow and to collaborate on the use of the Dolby 3D format. All parties believe that glasses-free 3D presentation in the home can be improved by delivering premium-quality autostereoscopic 3D content using the Dolby 3D format.

Dolby 3D is a comprehensive suite of technologies for the creation, delivery, and playback of glasses-free 3D content, producing autostereoscopic images with lifelike realism. In addition to eliminating the need for glasses, Dolby 3D has no narrow “sweet spot,” so viewers can enjoy the sharpest images, regardless of where they sit.

“Dolby and Philips are committed to taking the 3D experience to the next level, so we are very pleased to be working with CPG to jointly promote a technology that will transform the way 3D content is consumed all over the world and to introduce a new way for the creative community to tell the story,”

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