3D camera resolution tests

I’ve done a comparative test on a DSC chart shooting resolution trumpets for 2 twin lens 3D cameras





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3D workflow for Sony TD10 & NX3D1 camcorders

I’ve spent a good deal of time working out this 3D post production workflow for footage from the Sony TD10 and NX3D1 3D camcorders.  Here’s the condensed version of that workflow; Read More

Andrew & I pose for a Genus Manfrotto advertisement

Andrew Parke & I were asked by Genus / Manfrotto, the manufacturer of the Hurricane 3D Rig to pose for a shot in front of my rig to be included in an advertisement for the October 2011 edition of International Cinematographer Guild magazine.

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“Indy 500: The Inside Line” in 3D premieres October 13, 2011

    Director of 3D Photography Bruce Schultz & camera crew

The hour long show, shot in glorious 3D this year in Indianapolis, Indiana commemorates the 100th anniversary of the famous auto race and will air on October 13 on 3net / DirecTV.  3net is a joint venture 24 hour 3D channel combining Sony Pictures, IMAX, and Discovery Channel.

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Sailing and 3D: What They Have in Common

Crewing for the first time on a yacht gave me an appreciation of what it’s like to be on my 3D crew.  There’s one man at the helm: the Captain or the D.P.;  each crew member has to execute his job perfectly, and together they have to navigate unpredictable conditions while appearing as all is smooth sailing until the shot’s in the can and the boat’s in the slip.

It all started out simply enough.  A friend asked if we’d help sail his new boat, a second-hand 42 foot Bavaria that he’d dry-docked in Montenegro and wanted to harbor somewhere in the Greek Isles. Read More

3D Nano Flash Settings

This is the Convergent Design’s FAQ setup for 3D Nano Flash recorders.

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