NEW! Fiber Optic On Set

HDLink Fiber


Sometimes positioning the DIT workstation on locations is problematic and difficult.  There is no room at the location or easy access is unavailable.  The problem is now solved with the addition of fiber optic transmission between the DIT workstation and the camera(s) on set.  It is now possible to work up to 1000 feet from set and still color correct a live camera signal, then display that corrected image on the monitors of video village.  We use fully duplex 2-way tactical fiber optic cable, the same quality as is used by the US military so no quality is lost.  In fact it is possible to be over 2 miles distant from the set to use this system without signal loss.  One small diameter cable supplies a feed from the live camera image and returns it processed with a Look to Video Village for viewing.


Fiber Reel 001


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