Introducing — Red Lab Cinema

RED+Lab is an exciting new concept in cinema production.



Red Lab 003


Along with the advent of 4K & 5K cinema pioneered by Red Digital Cinema, comes the addition of a mobile post-production house laboratory.  This mobile lab replaces many, if not all of the early post house lab jobs including; dailies audio syncing, dailies color correction, and dailies transcoding to NLE compatible file formats like ProRes and DNX. You also get fully verified MD5 checksum backup cloning of camera original footage from any camera source.

Along with these Lab features you get live on-set color correction for all cameras, turning flat or overly contrasty camera output images into a final corrected look – monitored on set live.  This is then copied to the camera files metadata and accompanies the original files all the way to final color correction.  DP’s can rest easy that the footage look they apply on set will follow the footage through to the final stages intact.

Pricing includes full camera package + DIT workstation.  Low budget production discounts available

Call for pricing.

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