Live Grading

  •                                This is a diagram of the Live Grade on set system we use;

Pomfort LG diagram



 LiveGrade is connected between camera and monitor and enables the manipulation of the colors of a live HD-SDI image. 


LGrade 02


LiveGrade offers comprehensive import and export capabilities. All color correction settings can be stored and recalled as desired and may also be exchanged as 3D LUT, ASC-CDL, Alexa Look files and Amira Look files. It is an intuitive and highly-effective way to preview looks on set – the created LUTs can also be a good starting point in post production. The process insures that the look created on set by the director & DP is maintained throughout post production to final picture.




Communication between the camera on set, and the Live Grade workstation via fiber optic cable can be at a distance of over 1000 feet.



HDLink Fiber                        Fiber Reel 001