Red Dragon Feb 2015 new build

A few new features came along with this new build v5.3.29 for the RED Dragon.

  • A new color science matrix:  DragonColor 2
  • Independent monitor LUT’s
  • GIO Scope
  • In-camera curve editor
  • Lift/Gamma/Gain controls

All of these are exciting new features but the one I like the best so far is the ability to draw a luminance curve with my finger on the touchscreen.  No longer are we confined to using the pre-made LUT’s which never look quite right from shot to shot, but we can now simply draw the curve that looks the best, display it on the monitor(s) and then send it along as metadata for post.

Being able to independently control what goes on the display of either the LCD touchscreen, HDMI output, and HDSDI output is huge also.  The operator can now have a clean image free of data and in either Log or corrected Look while the AC can see all the data menus and have a LUT or Log look applied to it.  Pretty nice.

The GIO scope is something that I will have to experiment a while with, but it appears that the level displays you get with it are independent of the Look/LUTs applied and show the values in different colors for all 16 stops of latitude.

DragonColor 2 – well it looks quite a bit richer than it’s predecessors RedColor 4 and DragonColor 1 but more experimenting will show it’s true potential.  More to come . . .


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