Sony NX3D1 arrives!

The first thing you notice when it comes out of the box is that it is exactly the same size as it’s little sibling the TD10, but that’s where the initial resemblance ends.  After you add the lens shade and mic port/handle it starts to resemble a real handycam even though it’s substantially lighter than the older DVcams from the last decade.It really does fix the two problems of the TD10 – AGC audio gain and 24P.  It shoots 3D at 28 Mb/s in 1920 x 1080 60i, 50i, 24p – no 720 formats (who cares!).  With it’s skinny 32mm inter-axial it give you a comfortable 5 -6 feet minimum convergence distance (Sony says 3 feet but c’mon guys what are you smoking over there?)  which should allow for decent documentary/B-roll footage situations.  The Exmore R chip is positioned at a 45 degree angle like the older Sony V1U DV camera which gives it less aliasing and more low light capability.  I’m not expecting this camera to perform like an F3 or Alexa indoors, but if it shoots with the same capabilities as the TD10 has outdoors, then it’s sweet spot will be to muster up as the C or D camera on a 3D documentary project.  Put your helmet on son, you’re our new 3D crash-cam.

About editing the MVC files, I’ll have to post a thorough explanation about only being able to use the Sony Vegas 10E editing program – for right now, but it’s not so bad and I’ll do a complete walk-through about it in another post.

Later this month I’ll be putting it up next to my Panasonic 3DA1 to compare the AVCHD recordings – I’ll post those findings as soon as they are done.  In the meantime, I’m thinking it would be fun to go out and shoot some stealth 3D with this little guy.


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